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Surviving Google Penguin Updates With Content Writing Service

Google Penguin & Panda


If you are looking for an ultimate guide to Google domination then content marketing is the key. Whether you are an online business owner, internet marketer, content marketer or a blogger like us, having an idea about what search engines have to offer is a must.


Everyone needs traffic and when it is there, it is the sweetest thing ever since the internet was designed. However, targeted traffic is a must. Every webmaster struggles to generate leads but eventually quits because of frustration. Does Google update scare you, so here are ways through which you can dominate the latest updates- we will show you how.


No matter where you stand on the Google search indexed, you can improve it.


Fact, that you cannot achieve it overnight, however with proven strategies, SEO can be as easy as simple market research. Follow some simple rules on the web and do not forget to follow your instinct for imminent success. This New Year comes with a new challenge. Placing the blog properly is important so that you can locate yourself with the right prospects.


Secret to actual keyword research


The first step for dominating Google updates is to research your keyword well. Sad, but not the way you have been doing it so far.  The unique step can improve your ranking and the basic foundation of everything. There are thousands of writers who create amazing content, adds videos and still wonder why no one is reading or watching them. All you need is to master this rare skill and you are ready to rock the web.




Target key phrases not keywords


It is obvious that SEO experts do not create content based on Keywords but they channel their expertise in a different way. Understanding keyword phrases making the whole ranking thing easier. Don’t use words that are quite commonly used like tips and online money making. Instead use long phrases for improve search engine ranking.


Geo specific keywords


Market is filled with competition and you wouldn’t want to do something what everyone else has been doing. Prospective customers are precise in their search. Competitors who have already made a strong hold in your similar services and products have a unique way of selling information. Kick start your google ranking by optimizing your content in the specified area. It is good to optimize the page by making use of Google map that will help your visitors to locate you depending upon your geographic location and you can serve the local market.


Making the most out of research tools


How do you find the right keywords? With so many suggestion keyword tools available in the look for the best ones. Type the primary key term and search. Go for a broad search so that the limited search doesn’t not affect your marketing plans.


Link building aka off page optimization


Do you understand the factors that regulates your page rank? This means, things that happens outside the blog affect it more than that happen inside it. This is the reason why we are not talking about optimizing it on-page. Use good content so that it attracts natural links. In all, the quality of your content, blog posts, articles and PR will encourage the people to like and share it. Look for contextual content and something that you get manually is the best.





Add value with natural links


One good thing about content writing and blogging is that you can easily air your thoughts. Create a strong reader engagement and offer then what they yearn to read. AVOID KEYWORD STUFFING. Trick Google with appropriate keywords sprinkles here and there. You need strategies that work well for Google as well as liked by your readers too. Keyword stuffing can backfire because Google Penguin doesn’t like it!!!