5 Essential Tips for Getting Started with WordPress

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WordPress can be a fantastic tool for individuals who are getting into the concept of online marketing, or making a presence for themselves on the internet. As a content management system, it is typically hailed as the easiest one to use, with the best features and the most potential for a great user experience. However if you want to see the best possible results out of your WordPress creation, then you’re going to have to put some effort into your online strategy.


Fortunately, even complete beginners can get set on the road to success with the right effective and helpful techniques.


1. Don’t Clutter your Sidebar




One of the biggest problems that seems to be running rampant through WordPress lately, involves people using their sidebar to store all of their clutter. Your sidebar shouldn’t be stuffed with social media icons, advertisements, and links to your most recent tweets. As buried beneath all of the pointless information, you might end up hiding a link that you really want your visitor to click on. The best thing to do is shave down your sidebar to include only the absolute essentials.


2. Make Everything Easy to Find


The information that’s located throughout WordPress shouldn’t be arranged so that your visitors feel as though they have to go through a labyrinth to get to where they actually want to be. Even if you have the best content in the world, your readers are going to end up getting sick of dealing with your website if they find that traversing from one page to the next is more hassle than it’s worth.


3. Clean up Your Links


The chances are that you’ve worked hard to create engaging content for your website – so you’re going to want Yahoo, Bing and Google to be able to find it. Make that search as easy as possible by pointing towards your information with permalinks. To do this, you should probably take some time to learn the basics of SEO writing.


4. Improve descriptions and Targeted Titles




When you choose to share pages and posts on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and other services, they will pick up a title and description to go alongside the link that you’re sharing. When your page arrives in the results of a search engine query, the description that people get will convince them whether or not they should bother clicking your links. As a result, your description and title could turn out to be some of the most important pieces of text you write.


5. Make Your Images Work for You


Images are useful in a variety of ways, they:


  • Break up large blocks of content
  • Draw in your readers’ attention
  • Add beauty to your pages
  • Improve your SEO


Every time you upload a new image to your website, you will be given the opportunity to add keywords to your image title. The more chances you take to put extra keywords into your website or content pages, the more opportunity you will have to rank high on search engines, therefore drawing in more traffic.

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