5 Fresh Tips for Marketing Businesses on Social Media

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The way you use social media to market your business can have a huge impact on visibility and sales. In 2016, it was estimated that more than 2.3 billion users were active on social media, with about half of these accessing it on their mobile phones. The trend here is obvious. Social media needs to become an important integrative part in 2017 online marketing strategies. Here’s what professionals are saying about how to use – read below 5 fresh tips to remember:


1.) Live video streaming



This connects to people’s focus and even obsession with the “now”. As you can see, social media has enabled live video streaming, which is being employed by soaring numbers of users to show what they are doing right in this moment or what is happening right now. People are watching this sort of content, they’re compelled to click the video because it’s in the now and it fulfills their desire to participate and to be updated on the spot instead of finding out later (the fear of missing out). Use live streaming to attract your audience and make them part of something bigger. Showcase your newest offer, your services or brand related activity to convey a dynamic image and get people involved.


2.) Likes and followers no longer that important


Until recently, businesses had to struggle to build a large following on social sites and to gather as many likes as possible. Nowadays it’s no longer so relevant. Algorithms have changed, in the way that posts only become more visible when published as paid ads. It has thus become more difficult to get organic traffic from social media profiles.



3.) More personalization


Sites like Facebook gather user data to personalize ads shown to each of them. Use this to power up your campaigns and understand your audience better. Create content that appeals to your targeted potential customers. Craft your ads based on their preferences or interests.


4.) More power to private messaging


Applications allowing users to send private messages have been way more popular than standard social media. How does this trend apply to advertizing? Online marketers found ways to advertize directly using private messages – for example users who click on a given ad are taken straight to a live chat feature, where they can get in contact with a brand representative.


5.) Allowing people to connect with each other


Social media heavily relies on this feature – the ability to build communities and groups of people based on a common cause or interest. Successful brands tend to do the same. They gather people around a concept, an idea etc. and let them connect and socialize. It’s often better than simply advertizing your brand. As you let individuals find like-minded people (whether using a forum/message board, live chat or anything that enables grouping and interaction), the expansion of the community will get you new leads.



We are stepping into a new era of virtual interaction and this means new possibilities to market your brand to interested users. Increase your business growth rate by staying on top of social media trends.

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