Advice for Using Guest Posting to Grow Your Audience Online

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Before you can fully understand the benefits of guest posting, you may need a refresher on what the process actually means. Guest posting means that you write and publish an article of your own on someone else’s blog or website. Plenty of websites online today offer this kind of activity, and you simply need to find one that is relevant to your industry if you want to get involved. It’s a great way for people to establish connections with brand new groups of readers, and get their name out into the crowd for the first time.


Guest Blogging Creates Relationships



There are a number of ways why guest posting has become such an important strategy for bloggers and website owners who want to build their online influence. Bloggers in general need good content, and by adding value to someone else website with your writing, you’ll quickly start building relationships with bloggers and other individuals in your industry.


Bloggers make up a pretty big percentage of the conversations that are currently taking place on the internet, especially on social media locations like Twitter and Facebook. They’re good friends to have, because they can be incredibly influential, which helps you to grow your influence too.


Guest Posting is good for SEO


Whenever you chose to get started with some guest posting, the one non-negotiable demand that you should have for your researched and high-quality work is this: the host must include a link to your blog or website somewhere in the post.


Over time, these natural backlinks will help to improve the overall value of your blog or website to search engines, meaning that you’ll quickly become easier to find in important places like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Guest Posting introduces you to New Audiences


Perhaps the most beneficial part of guest posting, is that you get to enter into an already existing community, and share your message with anyone and everyone who’s there. This means that you can connect with brand new people, which is incredibly beneficial to your business if you do it right.


If your guest blogs join into a discussion and add some value, then you will see that value convert into other things over time, such as fans, followers, and further readers. On the other hand, if all you’re ever doing is begging for attention, you could get plenty of fame, but not for the reasons you were hoping for.


How to be a Good Guest



If you want to be a good guest on any blog, you should make sure that you:


  • Link to your post from your own website or blog
  • Share the post on twitter and Facebook – feel free to post about it on twitter several times
  • Thank the host of the blog in question
  • Make sure that you’re available to answer the questions and comments that will undoubtedly appear regarding your post.


Although none of these steps are mandatory, it’s a good way to improve your chances of establishing a great reputation online.

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