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The Five Secrets of Great Content Writing Services



Content writing is an occupation concerns the powerful impact that written words can have within the marketing industry. One of the biggest struggles that content marketers and website owners alike have when it comes to running a successful business is managing to produce enough high-quality content to keep their visitors engaged, interested and coming back for more. Writing content for websites is very different prospect than writing content for other purposes, as the rules of writing on the internet are generally different from if you had to write an essay for someone else, such as the print media. The people surfing the net are often looking for quick, relevant information and exciting reads, meaning that if they don’t find the content on your website interesting enough, all they need to do is close the page and look for something else. This means that the content writing services that you choose must be adept in keeping visitors glued to the page. Here are some of the secrets that great content writing services use to keep readers reading.


1.) Make Sure You Write A Good Headline


The chances are that you have been given this advice before, but the value of a good opening statement really can’t be overestimated. Try to keep them relatively brief, no-one wants to have to read an essay about the article they’re going to read before they even read it, and make sure you’re offering information or answering a question that your reader wants to know about. Speak to your audience in their terms, if you’re writing for people that are generally interested in the state of new technology, make sure you use technological language that they will appreciate and understand.


2.) Keep it Simple


Even though people are browsing the internet in search of particular information, once they find that information, they don’t want to spend the next hour and a half reading about it. Often, web-browsers have other things drawing their attention away from your website as soon as they click onto it, so make sure that your writing is simple enough to follow without being dull or uninteresting. Make them want to know more.


3.) Be Original


This one should go without saying, but it is pivotal that you use original content in everything you do. Visitors don’t want to read something that they’ve already seen on several different sites. They want to read information in your particular voice, from your particular niche that is tailored directly to them. Furthermore, duplicating content can get your website lost in the search results, as often, search engines that see duplicate content on two separate website pages will see that as an issue and bury your pages.


4.) Don’t over-use Keywords and phrases


Keywords can be essential within your content, but this doesn’t mean that you should use them in every paragraph. If you’re writing for a specific list of keywords such as computer, mouse, keyboard, make sure that you don’t stack the whole group into a list every time that you use them. It is more effective to spread your keywords out evenly and naturally amongst the writing, so that it reads smoothly and feels less awkward and clunky to your reader.


5.) Make Sure You Provide Informative, Resourceful Content


Content writing services are not there to simply help you fill your blog with words that will draw people into your website. Although you could fill your website up with key-word rich text, readers who do come across your page are likely to find it confusing, annoying, and end up leaving as quickly as they had arrived. When you engage in content writing services, make sure that the text itself is:


  • Informative
  • Exciting
  • Engaging
  • Easy to Understand
  • Spread Out With Catchy headlines

Why Should You Focus on High Quality Content and Natural Backlinks with Panda 4.0?


Google Panda, a program that is known widely across the internet, concerns the process of search engines learning human preferences through the use of surveys and data. For those wondering where the name originates from, the term Google Panda comes from the expert in Machine Learning, and google engineer Navneet Panda. The panda program uses artificial intelligence to conduct a Machine Language Algorithm, which carefully considers the quality of the content that it comes across, judging it on the basis of:


  • How unique or original the content is
  • How relevant the information is when concerned with regular searches
  • What design elements are relevant, such as graphics and designs
  • The links that are generated within the site


By considering how users connect with the words that are written on a particular website or page, Google Panda helps to construct the way search engine optimization works, based on an understanding of click rates, browse action, bounce rates, search impressions and the amount of time any user spends upon a particular site.


The Importance of High Quality Content




The algorithm works by stopping sites that have poor quality content from making their way to the top of the rankings. This means that the most important thing for websites that want to be seen today, is high quality content. Acting as a sort of quality filter, the algorithm filters through search results to determine which sites have the best content to offer, and which don’t. The important thing about this update is that the better it works, the more google will be able to guarantee its users a supply of high quality results when they search for information, providing rich, enjoyable, and interesting content.


It is important to remember that this update is more than just your average refresh, and it places more emphasis than ever on the need to produce high-quality, frequent, original content to websites. The first step in ensuring that your website remains successful after the update is to ensure that your site has a blog that will allow you to post content. Once you have this set up and appropriately designed, you will need to generate a process for creating, posting and sharing content on a frequent basis. Because Panda punishes content that is not unique, if you are found to be duplicating your text from other sources, or posting low-quality text, then you will need to rethink your approach to search engine optimization.


Using Natural Backlinks




The recent update to Google Panda has also begun to uncover various undercover link building methods that have been utilized in the past, such as Forbes and Overstock. This has led to low quality sites and websites that generally churn out spam to be penalized. With the Google Panda update now firmly in place, there is really only one good way to build your links, and this is through authentic, quality content that the users on your website will love enough to share and link to throughout their internet journey. Write something that is engaging and special, and readers will flock to it. If the content that you provide is interesting, and gives people the answers they are looking for, then they are more likely to want to share that information with the people close to them. One of the best ways to help you in generating your natural backlinks is to try forms of link baiting. Although this can be an extremely time-consuming route that requires a great deal of energy and research, it may be the best that you can do for your website at this time, as long as you want to prevent Google from penalizing your content.

Measuring Online Marketing Effectiveness: See If Your Efforts Convert

Content marketing is directly proportional to brand awareness, planned leadership and metrics engagement that stand to be the three most important objectives for any B2B marketer this year. However customer acquisition and lead generation is also important as per the CMI’s report 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends. Here are some techniques that can help you measure your marketing effectiveness regarding the content we ideally create.


Create multiple levels of opportunities for conversion


It is important to know that not every marketing strategy is designed to drive immediate sales. There is a certain spectrum of these marketing assets that are in relation to business objectives and prospective goals.




The vital message from this was that the marketers must improve and track the performance of content assets across search objectives and buyer behaviors. As noted, 50% survey respondents answered they visit a website four to five times before getting in touch with the vendor.


To give your content marketing strategy a chance to prove it worth investing, it is important to track the conversion types through reporting software, divided into sales readiness level. The best way to do it is through Goal tracking from Google Analytics.




Some recommended conversions based on readiness of sales include


  • Demo requests and sales evaluations
  •  Premium content and white paper requests
  •  Views on your content (PDF downloads, videos, etc.)
  •  Subscriptions (offers, newsletters, etc)


Event tracking and content marketing activity


B2B marketers cannot pull off all their assets besides pay walls and form submissions, no matter how good this might prove for customer acquisition and lead-gen efforts. For measuring your marketing effectiveness, Google analytics is an ideal solution.




Adding a simple code to links related with navigation tabs, images, hyperlinks and graphics, marketers can create effective reports on how online visitors interact with your content assets and website. This is necessary for understanding whether the published content is being accessed beyond “entrances” or “page views”.


What you can measure with an event tracker? Check the following:


  • Video playbacks
  •  File downloads
  •  Landing pages to click-through ( vent registrations, web registration pages, etc)


Report of visitor prospects and activity of content marketing asset


According to the customer standpoint, prospect report of marketing automation is among the best tools for learning what site and pages assets a visitor as seen. It gives the perfect report for presenting how impactful the content is in turning those visitors into consumers.




Report like this help marketers understand the number of times a visitor viewed the content developed by a company. Once changed to closed sales, strong analysis can be done to make the most of the content marketing strategy used.


Navigation performance of the marketing assets


Another Google Analytics report that can be helpful to the marketers is navigation summary that is demonstrated below.




Navigation summary tells about the pattern of the visitor’s visit of the web page. It demonstrates the next page on the website that visitor went after the first session. Here is a screenshot that highlights the pages viewed the visitors that were precise to product and service page, along with the form submission page.




The report doesn’t confirm completion of goal, but it allows the marketers to understand the relation between various marketing assets and materials that are sales oriented.


Targeting social media


Social media plays an important role in helping you understand your online marketing performance. At times, social share is consider as a vanity metric and doesn’t explain how well social media was to generate leads. B2B marketers can use social sharing for consumer engagement and deeper evaluation of how and why people are sharing their content which eventually leads to planned leadership.




Here are some ways to track your performance for content marketing:


1.) Keep note of Twitter users who mention, share or retweet updates made by you. It is not just a bookmark but you can view their activity and this more like thanking someone which leads to better engagement.


2.) Make a list of your competition on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to enable strong focus. This is important to understand the market trend and if you are trying to manage high interaction and large network on social media.


3.) If everything seems to be failing, get a screenshot of your marketing performance and do a detailed study.


B2B marketers do not make use of real commercial software to the track the social media performance, besides some handful tools available online. In the specific case of content marketing, these social media tools are not powerful enough to evaluate the social mentions.


Most of the content performance monitoring is handled manually. We are sure some comprehensive reporting platforms allow certain kind of archiving and tracking of engagements and conversations. The key here is to define the objection and understand what exactly you are looking for.


At the end of the day, the marketing tie ups with customer journey and sales process are critical. There measurement strategies and tactic will help you demonstrate success in the efforts you have taken for your content marketing ingenuities.

Brainstorming Content Ideas In A Visual, Fast, Easy Way

Even as an “experienced” content writer nothing makes me suffer nausea quite like creating a new draft only to stare at that damn flashing cursor . If you plan to get rid of that horrifying experience, you got to be prepared with an idea every time you open a new Microsoft word to write a content- meaning you have to be flooded with ideas.


Brainstorming can be really scary and the biggest question is, where to begin with? Where to get the ideas from? This is the most common concern among marketers. To help you brainstorm some ideas, here is a little hack: the actual key to brainstorming.



 Making use of brainstorming key


Before you actually get into the how-to of this ingenious tool,don’t forget to download his brainstorming spreadsheet. If you are ready to rock, let’s begin.


The tool will ideally mimic how a creative mind turns a single idea into many. How to change one topic of your content into countless ideas, here are few steps below:


Box 1: Place your initial topic in the first box


Your topic                   “All about fitness”
The idea or theme you wish to write about.


This is the core idea around which you need to brainstorm. The subsequent few steps will help you frame the reference point more narrowly, so you can effortlessly come up with numerous related topics to create your article, blog posts, graphics, guides and lot more. For eg: the topic here is “all about fitness” that we wish to write about.


Box 2: Selecting the understanding level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced- depending on how familiar your readers are about the subject




Beginner Intermediate Advanced
How familiar is your audience with the topic above?  star    



Simply drag the STAR in the section that represents your audience for which the content is envisioned. Deciding on the skill sets in important because it is obvious that an advance level reader would not be interested in the basics of a topic- distinguishing skill level helpstay focused on the piece you are creating.


Box 3: Deciding the content structure


Content structure List Q & A How-to News Definition Data Analysis Why/Opinion
What exactly is your content all about and how do you plan to organize it  star            


Content structure will help you organize the content. If you choose “list” for the first set of ideas, means you need to brainstorm on list-type of content. Your topics would be like “10 best ways to stay fit this winter” rather than “Why to get in shape this winter”. If you think you are not able to find more content this way then you could probably switch to something else and create something relevant.


Box 4: Picking the format/medium


Medium Blog post Slideshare Graphic Video Guide/Ebook 1-Sheet Podcast
Randomly select the medium of your content that you will physically create  star            


The next step is to narrow down your process by specifying the format or medium that you need in the content. This can be a random selection-or something mentioned by the client. With this you do not have to decide through various types of content and stick to a single medium such as blog post, podcast or video.


Remember, some ideas lend themselves better to a particular medium than others.


Box 5: Actual time for brainstorming! Think of as many headlines possible till you run out of ideas.


With a neat and nice visual reference, you can trace down as many headings possible. When I’m short of ideas, I simply amend something in the boxes, let’s say. I switch from blog post to a podcast-brainstorm even more and will an all new focus.




Put your ideas here. Here it will be for “All about fitness” + Beginner+ List+ Blog post=
10 easy steps on how to get fit this winter without much effort
Write as many headings as you can? If you get stuck? Move the star to another box in step 4 to refocus



7 questions to answer when beginning your fitness regime.
10 Beginners tip to stay fit
10 best workout tips this winter
5 basic terms for cardio fitness


As mentioned in the image above, use the criteria picked- a list based content offers tips of being fit for beginners- my brainstorming led me to these ideas.


Check that I focused on the standards above and took tangents from the ideas of “All above fitness”. Next time if you feel hit by an inspiration, don’t just start creating something out of the blue and rather practice this exercise instead. You will have long list of content ideas that you will never lose focus and you don’t have to spend time wasting time staring at that blinking cursor.


Check out more about our services and see what makes us the best in the industry!!!

Tips To Make Your Content Credible

With content being superior on web, the market of content writing is emerging day by day. However, quality content writing is a major factor determining the credibility of the writer. Creating good and relevant content is a daunting task and everyone can’t attract readers to read their stuff.

Seo Content Crossword


Web readers have found that almost 65% of the content published on web can’t be understood since anyone could write anything on web. For a writer to stand out of the crowd, creating credible content is the foremost step in attracting web readers. Other tips that can make your content proficient are-


Non-promotional content-


In order to create credible content, draft unbiased content which is not promotional. People interested in your product can use your content to know more about it. A writer is also required to include resources that can back up his facts in the content. Citing the experience and expertise can help establish your content in a much better way. Making readers to engage with you is indeed tough and when you master the art, you can capture the content market.


Original, useful and creative content works-


The credible content must be original, useful and creative to the web reader. Majority of the readers seek solutions to their problems through the content so the content must be fulfilling their requirements. Generally, it is observed that how to articles, step by step articles; tips do well in defining the problems of the web readers. In order to engage people on web, Conversational writing always works. However, a content writer must be able to create unique content with correct spellings and grammar.



Avoid paragraphs and structure the content well-


People might not like your stuff when written in paragraphs. Paragraphs are often too difficult to read. So know the importance of using bullet points, sub titles in the articles to make the content easy to read. Also, add images to make the content more pleasing. Writer must consider covering the topic and not stuffing it unnecessary. Structure plays a vital role in content writing. Credible content is the once that has an apt structure or is scanable in nature. To make the content more attractive for the reader, use bolds and italics as well.


Research the topic well-


To add credibility to the content, it has to be researched properly. Don’t stuff unnecessary things to increase the word count and compromise on the quality. A writer has to be a good researcher. He must know to Google things well. Generally, readers don’t trust the information available on web due to overstuffing of keywords. The content is not user intended rather is developed for marketing. Search engines demand content which fulfils the intent of the user.


These are the few tips that can add credibility to your content making it helpful for the users. Everyone can’t master the art of content writing due to these hidden qualities. With content being the king, writers must understand the importance of credible writing.