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International SEO- Tips And Tricks That You Must Try


A strategic content is quite important when it comes to marketing efforts and business branding. But to contrive a suitable way for international marketing can be somewhat tricky. There might be several challenges on the way and building an effective strategy becomes an important part of search engine marketing. When you are working with the aim of making your page in accordance to national SEO, things are bit easy; however for international SEO, all you need is a bit of knowledge of other international languages that are prevalent in the world.


Below is a report where you can find the tidbits of international SEO and tips to kick start the marketing internationally.


  • There are conventional ways of achieving a greater traffic internationally than nationally. Ever wondered how? The answer is simple. When you are going for a search result in the search engine where the keyword is typed in English, millions of results follow up in the order of relevancy and SEO. When you want to write the same query, just translated to a different language, the results will be quite limited. The irony here is, you might find umpteen pages fighting to get the rankings in English but there are really few pages that have international languages incorporated in them. This is just the budding stage of international SEO and the opportunities are many. So the sooner you act, the better it is!




  • Going for international languages in the website would require you to follow the alphabet trends of different languages. For example, if a user searches for “travel ideas” or “journey ideas”, Google knows what the user is probably looking for and the results are healed. The case is just not so in a different language. The Latin alphabet grapheme “Æ” is a ligature of both “A” and “E” in English. The correct form of alphabet should be used so that the results are rightly interpreted.


  • To target in different locales is not that difficult in English. There needs to be more effort internationally and focus should be there on the content wording and intent of writing.


It is always required to take the help from relying translating experts who can turn the page to another language from English and vice versa. Furthermore, colors, texts and objects should also be localized so that the interpretation never goes wrong.


It is typically in the case of America where the online survey culture is more prevalent. While certain brands have their own recognition in the nation, they are not recognizable on an international platform. The SEO becomes far more important here as it reduces the hunt for the exact solution. The online survey feature has not gained that significant exposure in India and therefore it is the need of the hour to shift focus on only Indian market.


In the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) are gaining importance. These two tactics can give an advantage of overall traffic accumulation. While SEO simply looks for the right kind of keyword, the keywords that receive high responses and conversions on PPC are the major targets for the SEO content.




The prerequisite is to target on the international platform rather than just centering domestically. Digital business needs to be more opened up and argus-eyed for the remaining competitors. When you can have a check over what is happening in the shop next door, knowing details of your competitor in the digital world is not feasible. Therefore being vigilant is highly important to furnish the next stage plans for your business. Now as the rivalries are increasing, even bigger firms are maneuvering for better ideas and international search engine optimization techniques.

Google’s Matt Cuts On Relevance Of Backlinks On Ranking

If you are aware of or studied SEO, you might have come across the term “backlink”. Every now knows the importance of backlinks on Google algorithm and Google searches. This one of the major reasons why webmasters focus on links in their blogs and websites to manipulate its advantage. Backlinks have gained so much importance that it is now acting as the building blocks for good ranking. Webmasters ate worried and have discussed in case Google plans upon making the use of backlinks a spam and filters in our of the search results.





A recently query posted by Matt Cutts, head of search spam, answers a question posted by a webmaster.


“Hi Matt, does the big G have a version of the search engine that totally excludes any backlink relevance? I’m wondering what search would look like and am curious to try it out.


In response, Matt says that there is no version as mention in the description which is exposed in public. Google has perform some experiment internally by turning of the linkage data but the quality is quite worse.


He even said that, lot of noise and spam enters the search ranking of Google as a part of backlink building. But most of the part of backlinks brings quality and is a huge win to the search results. Google has experimented with the idea of turning of the backlink relevance, but for now it still stands to be a vital indicator that allows most topical, relevant and best search results.


Check out the video to hear Matt’s own words on the same.




Good backlinks are quite important if you are looking for high ranks n Google or be it any other search engine. Can you think of a Google search ranking where Backlinks did not matter? For us, quality backlinks make a lot of sense. Seeing that they have given so much of time and effort to fine tune this algorithm so switching it off wouldn’t be a good idea and getting low quality as results.