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5 Essential Tips for Getting Started with WordPress



WordPress can be a fantastic tool for individuals who are getting into the concept of online marketing, or making a presence for themselves on the internet. As a content management system, it is typically hailed as the easiest one to use, with the best features and the most potential for a great user experience. However if you want to see the best possible results out of your WordPress creation, then you’re going to have to put some effort into your online strategy.


Fortunately, even complete beginners can get set on the road to success with the right effective and helpful techniques.


1. Don’t Clutter your Sidebar




One of the biggest problems that seems to be running rampant through WordPress lately, involves people using their sidebar to store all of their clutter. Your sidebar shouldn’t be stuffed with social media icons, advertisements, and links to your most recent tweets. As buried beneath all of the pointless information, you might end up hiding a link that you really want your visitor to click on. The best thing to do is shave down your sidebar to include only the absolute essentials.


2. Make Everything Easy to Find


The information that’s located throughout WordPress shouldn’t be arranged so that your visitors feel as though they have to go through a labyrinth to get to where they actually want to be. Even if you have the best content in the world, your readers are going to end up getting sick of dealing with your website if they find that traversing from one page to the next is more hassle than it’s worth.


3. Clean up Your Links


The chances are that you’ve worked hard to create engaging content for your website – so you’re going to want Yahoo, Bing and Google to be able to find it. Make that search as easy as possible by pointing towards your information with permalinks. To do this, you should probably take some time to learn the basics of SEO writing.


4. Improve descriptions and Targeted Titles




When you choose to share pages and posts on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and other services, they will pick up a title and description to go alongside the link that you’re sharing. When your page arrives in the results of a search engine query, the description that people get will convince them whether or not they should bother clicking your links. As a result, your description and title could turn out to be some of the most important pieces of text you write.


5. Make Your Images Work for You


Images are useful in a variety of ways, they:


  • Break up large blocks of content
  • Draw in your readers’ attention
  • Add beauty to your pages
  • Improve your SEO


Every time you upload a new image to your website, you will be given the opportunity to add keywords to your image title. The more chances you take to put extra keywords into your website or content pages, the more opportunity you will have to rank high on search engines, therefore drawing in more traffic.

5 Plugins Any WordPress Site Should Use



WordPress is a very wonderful platform. It is flexible and easy to use, offering a wide range of customization options without making the whole thing too complicated for everyday users. Whether you want to create a simple personal blog or a corporate website, WordPress is the platform to use. WordPress also comes with thousands of plugins that can enhance the capabilities of your site even further. Here are the top 5 WordPress plugins you should use.


WordPress SEO by Yoast



There are a lot of WordPress SEO plugins out there. All in One SEO is a good alternative to look into, but the WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most comprehensive and user-friendly to use. The plugin allows you to fine-tune every part of the site for SEO purposes.


WordPress SEO is very easy to use. Once installed, you can add SEO-related tags, perform site-wide scans and even get suggestions on how to improve your site’s SEO performance. There is a premium version with more tools if you are serious about optimizing your site for SEO purposes.


Contact Form 7


A good website should come equipped with a handy and easy-to-use contact form. Contact Form 7 is one of the best plugins to use if you want to create contact form for your site. You can construct multiple contact forms, customize each of them, send contact emails to multiple recipients and provide notifications to your users.


Contact Form 7 is also a lightweight plugin that will not slow down your site. The interface is very clean and simple. Even when you have no prior experience in using WordPress tags or shortcodes, you will be able to make a contact form in minutes.


Simple Sitemap


Managing a sitemap for Google and other search engines doesn’t have to be difficult now that you have Simple Sitemap helping you. Once installed, the plugin will crawl your site and make a sitemap automatically. As you add more content, you can choose whether to add those new pages to the sitemap from the WordPress Editor.


Google Analytics for WordPress




Most WordPress themes are compatible with Google Analytics. All you need to do is copy-paste the tracking code and you are all set. The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin, however, takes it a step further. It offers you the tools for tracking multiple campaigns, hotspot analysis and a lot of other advanced Google Analytics capabilities. Even better, you don’t have to go deep into the Google Analytics advanced settings to access these features. Everything is displayed cleanly and all features can be access with just a few clicks.


WP Super Cache




WordPress is a content management platform so dynamic it can be used for almost every kind of websites. However, your contents don’t have to be served dynamically every time. Using WP Super Cache, you can speed up your WordPress site substantially by serving dynamic content as static pages. The result is lower server load, higher site performance and faster loading time; all translates to a much better user experience.

Why WordPress is A Good Location to Build a Website



Whether someone has just begun to get their business started and has only recently started coming up with ideas on how to get themselves out into the industry, or they have been in business for a while and just aren’t happy with their online presence, WordPress may be the answer. As an open source content management system, WordPress has overtaken the world in recent years, becoming the most popular place for individuals to begin their own websites out there. Almost fifteen percent of the top websites in the entire world have been created on WordPress, and the CMS is loved by developers and designers alike for its fantastic ease-of-use. However, aside from it’s obvious popularity, what are the other signs that indicate you should choose WordPress as your website foundations?


WordPress is an Extremely flexible website


One of the best things about WordPress is that it is completely open source, which means all of the code that is used to run the website is also available to the general public. Anyone out there can use WordPress code as they need to create the perfect website for them. This means that:


  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Templates


and various other things are available to access for individuals who need a little help getting started. Furthermore, with WordPress, you don’t have to worry about being limited to particular developers or certain employees when you want to produce specific customizations. This makes the potential of WordPress absolutely limitless.


WordPress is Fantastic for SEO



Popular search engines such as google are huge fans of WordPress websites, because they usually utilize code that is well-written and easy to understand. If you need a helping hand in getting ahead with your search engine optimization, WordPress is a great way to go. You can even download plugins that help to check the relevancy and keyword density of your posts for you so that you don’t have to figure everything out yourself.


WordPress is incredibly cost effective


When it comes to running a valuable business, these days we don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to shell out straight away as we’re getting started. The great thing about using WordPress to build a website, however, is that it comes for the best possible price – free. Unlike having to pay for a customized CMS, WordPress won’t charge you a penny, and most of the plugins that you want to use will be free as well. There are a few premium options that you can subscribe to, but they’re usually still quite affordable.


WordPress is easy to use




Finally, WordPress tops the list of content management systems because it is so easy to use. You don’t have to have a great deal of experience or technical know-how to make things work, and most of the time, if you understand how to use a program such as Microsoft word, then you won’t have a problem updating your WordPress site. Today, when none of us have time to lose, ease of use is very important.

Tips on How to Build A Successful WordPress Website



For some people, WordPress is the first and last word when it comes to content management systems for your website. There are various other content management systems, or CMS’ available on the intent, from those that you pay for, to open-source models, and the chances are you are going to hear advertisements everywhere insisting that their option is the best one for you, but most of the time, the other options simply can’t compete with WordPress when it comes to reliability, security and simplicity. Up to this point, web developers from around the world have constructed over fifty million website on the basis of WordPress’ sturdy foundation, and many designers would never dream of using anything else.


Choosing Your Domain




The very first thing you will need to do on your WordPress journey is to select the ideal domain. Without a domain, people all over the web would not be able to find and share your website. For those of you who aren’t sure, is a well-known domain, as is Twitter, and the www. Or http:// prefixes are typically optional, so it’s the rest that you need to worry about when it comes to choosing a domain. There are four main elements to consider in this process:


  • The top level domain. The TLD or top level domain of a website, is the end of the domain, and the one you will probably be most familiar with is ‘.com’. Usually, because this is the first TLD to come to mind for many people, you will often find that it is highly sought after, meaning many .com domains will already be owned.


  • The root domain. The root domain is the bit in the middle, between www. And .com. This is the part you will have the most freedom over, and the only two restrictions you will come across is that the domain must be unique, meaning it can’t already be owned by someone else, and that it must only consist of numbers, hyphens, and letters.


  • Sub-domains. Sub-domains are the bit that can appear before the root domain and after www. Such as Once you own the initial root domain, you should be able to create these sub-domains at no cost.


  • Sub-folders. Sub folders are the part that is listed after the .com part of your website, such as


Picking the Right Hosting Package




The next stop will be selecting the right hosting package for you. Remember that the host you choose should be beneficial to your website, and the key elements you should look for include whether the host you select supports WordPress, how much storage you will be allocated, what up-time percentage you can get and how many domains you can host. When it comes to selecting a company, the best way to ensure that you’re getting good quality hosting is to find out as much as you can about that specific company. For example, try to learn how long the company has been in business for, and what kind of support it is capable of offering. If there is the opportunity to check reviews, then make sure they are positive, and if you can’t find any reviews, consider why this might be.


Usually, the best recommendations when it comes to hosting packages will come from colleagues, friends, and relatives that have used a particular service before, as they will be able to give you information based on their first-hand experience. When you are making your selection, you will have to take pricing into account, so make sure to check:


  • If you can purchase upgrades
  • Whether you have any additional costs to pay, such as for software
  • Whether there is a trial period option
  • How much the package you need will cost

Why Choose WordPress Among Plenty Other Blogging Platforms?

Why is there so much fuss about WordPress? Everyone already knows about plenty of blogging platforms available so what makes WordPress platform different from them?




Here are some facts about WP that can help you understand this in a better way:


1.) WP is an open source and a free blogging tool


2.) WP features template system and plug-in architecture


3.) Theme changing is seamless and incredibly fast in it.


4.) Large numbers of plugins around 26,000 are available.


For those who are new to blogging must know that WordPress had a humble beginning back in the year 2003 but till date over 60 million websites use this powerful tool. WP is like a sleeping giant and now is currently the most used blogging system worldwide.




The Core


The company gains its unique character trait from its governing body. This governing body runs as a meritocracy rather than being a general democratic structure or a top-heavy pyramid. In such work system lack of personal agenda is paramount and so it creates a work environment that encourages constructive and positive thinking. “We are in it together” such mental thinking is followed which creates a healthy place to work together.


The core teams that exist value the concept of teamwork a lot. The core is made up of groups of committed individuals having years of experience working together and as a team. Their attitudes stream into more specified groups within the family of WordPress and encourage active participation of everyone for contributing to the development and the growth of business.


Not convinced yet? Check out some features that WP users are offered with more tech savvy:




The WP Company prides itself on creating a platform not only for the novice computer geeks who had just discovered what platform means, but also for the advanced HTML aficionados and experts. The company is so user-friendly that accessing CSS could not have been easier anywhere else. When setting the layouts for your website, the company offers endless range of options. If user has some specific requirements and ideas beforehand then they can even create their unique theme based on those ideas.




So what part this so talked “WordPress Community” plays in all this?


At WordPress lots of options are available for everyone and anyone to become a part of this one-of-a-kind community and contribute to its growth. Check out some of the ideas:


  • On the blogs all those post comments that you read and love can also prove beneficial for others. So by commenting also you are contributing to the conversation.


  • Want to become a blogger? Why stop yourself? Just start one today and start thinking on paper. There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain.


  • Get amazing contents to read just by following a person or a business’ blog. This way you can support the writer, can receive regular emails from them, get to read many awesome contents and at the least make the writer feel proud too.


  • Attend WordCamp, a conference that is organized and run by the community individuals to network, connect and learn from one another.


These are just few of the many ideas and so whether you run a small business, or you are a multi-tiered business operator or you just want to blog about your newly hatched chickens, for everything you can find an option that will suit your needs.


WordPress is friendly, as simple as that!


You can chose from lot of platforms available on the internet but if you have anything to share to the world then why not do it with something this powerful and creative as WP. Don’t go anywhere else and save time by choosing the best, The WordPress.