Components Of An Extraordinary Social Media Campaign

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So, you are all set for a social media campaign, but you don’t know how to start it? Well, this article would help you out. First of all, you need to keep in mind that it would not be easy. You would need to put in a lot of effort. Additionally, it would take time. At times, you might feel like leaving it in the middle, but if you continue, you would get the desired results.


Let us first discuss about the two most important elements, which would help you in the social media campaign that you are heading towards to.






The first element is the people. Don’t take it wrong by the way, we are not talking about any class of people you can find to impose your ideas on to. In fact, nobody would let you impose your ideas on to them. But, if you focus on the right bunch of people, you would be doing it right. Remember, only those people would people would listen to you who are actually being affected by your idea and hence, you should target them only. Later on, if you are lucky, you might be able to target the unrelated public too.


Also, do not give the responsibility of the campaign to anybody who is free in your company. Instead, search for a person who is smart and at the same time flexible, which would be able to tackle the changing needs of the market. You might have to change the plan sometimes and the person should be able to handle the changes.


How you present yourself to the world is equally important, make sure that there are no mistakes left out there. And to make sure that there are no mistakes, you would need the second element, Practice.




If you are thinking that you can just tweet about your new business idea or just post a Facebook status and you would get million likes, you are wrong. You need to plan a few things ahead before posting your first Facebook status about the social media campaign.


Time to time, you would need to analyse where your audience is going and in case your audience is bored, you might need to change the plan and think of something interesting to give to them. It would not take much money of yours but it would surely need you to invest some time in it.


Next, we come to the components of an extraordinary social media campaign. Go through them and make sure that you understand each step properly:




1. Your Purpose


First of all, think yourself why you need this social media campaign and why is it important to you. In case it is really important to you, you would get the answers yourself and you would be able to invest your time and money wisely.


2. Research on the Matter


You would need to perform an extensive research so as to make sure that there are no flaws in your campaign. A single inaccurate fact might take away a couple of your clients from you. And in business, loss of a single client might be painful. Also, collecting the data is one part and implementing it is another. Hence, make sure that you have sensible people who are able to analyse the data and build up something huge with it.


3. Understand the Objectives


Once you are clear in your objectives and you are firm towards achieving them, nobody can stop you, except you. Divide your objectives into smaller ones and associate a deadline with them. Then, keep on accomplishing those and one day, you would get your objectives accomplished.


4. Keep an Eye on the Stats




Deadlines are created for meeting. Hence, make sure that you do not skip any. And, in case you skip, work faster so that the overall progress is not delayed. Also, understand what is actually important to you. If there are 1000 likes on your Facebook page and you know how you have achieved them (by requesting the friends again and again), this is not going to help your business in future. Hence, act maturely and count only those things as success which actually deserves to be.


5. Strategy and Software


Following the right strategy is important, no doubt but these days, apart from strategy, one thing that would re-define your success is what kind of software and tools are using. Remember, this is the era of the SMART work and not the hard work. Hence, it is important that you go for right software’s which not only save you money, but time and effort as well.


You can take help of the professionals in case you are unaware of the social media tools.


6. Documentation


When it is about business, everything needs to be legal and documentation is something that you should take care of. You can appoint a person specifically for this purpose. As long as the social media campaign is going on, you should have each and every detail of it on paper so that problems do not occur later on. Social media policy, engagement practices, implementation plans, privacy, social media roles, strategy documentation, permissions in written format etc. need to be there with you all the time.


7. Execution of the Plan


This is the major part of the social media campaign and if you have done the previous steps right, chances is that you would not face any problem with this one. You might feel that you are sitting on the computer all day long in the initial days, but soon, you would get to see the results and then it would motivate you.


8. Measurements and Adjustments




There are many social media tools available in the market which would help you to measure the growth of your social media campaign. You should use them to find out the weekly or monthly growth of your plan. In case you are doing everything right, measurements would be fine but in case measurements do not turn out to be nice, you would need to make adjustments in your plan. Do not hesitate to adjust, you are doing it for the first time and mistakes would happen. You just need to make sure that no mistake is repeated.


As a tip, remember that the digital world today runs on latest tools, and keeping yourself updates might save you a lot of time. As soon as you hear about a new approach towards business, try it in your business, you might get better returns than ever before.

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