How To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

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Guest posting is a good way to market your blog to new, wider audiences. By tapping into the audience of another blog, you are growing your own audience base and increasing your credibility at the same time. Of course, there are a lot of challenges you will face when you want to use guest blogging as a way to market yourself. One of those challenges is finding the best guest blogging opportunities.




Search Engines To the Rescue!


One of the easiest ways to find guest blogging opportunities is by actually using search engines to search for keywords such as:


  • Guest post
  • Guest blogging
  • Writers wanted/needed
  • Write for us
  • Get in touch




These keywords usually lead to guest blogging opportunities, and you can actually find thousands of results by doing a simple search on popular search engines.


Social Networking Sites


Almost all bloggers and news sites are now on social media. Since social media is meant to be social, you can actually reach out to them and get responses almost instantly. This is a good way to explore guest posting opportunities. Simply ask if you can do a guest post on the blogs you are interested in engaging and act on the response you receive.


Don’t worry about bloggers and sites that reject your request or offer. Focus on the ones that gives you the opportunity to write an article for them. Once you have a couple of guest posts published, finding more opportunities will be much easier to do.


Be Part of Communities


Blogging communities, online blogging forums and even blogs or websites that specialize in blogging are very easy to find these days. By connecting with them, you can also find hundreds – if not thousands – of guest posting opportunities.


Linknami, for instance has a page dedicated to those who want to exchange guest posts. You can meet fellow bloggers, explore the possibilities of posting on each others’ blogs and gain a lot of credibility very quickly. Other sites such as BlogSynergy uses a similar system to connect bloggers with each other.


More Guest Posts!




If you have successfully post on an external blog and you see the responses to your article are great, don’t hesitate to ask for another opportunity to write for the site. Websites that have accepted your posts in the past have better chances of giving you more opportunities in the future.


As mentioned previously, you can also leverage your past guest posts to gain more opportunities. When contacting new websites or blogs to do guest blogging, don’t forget to mention the posts you have had published in the past. A post on an authoritative site can make a huge difference.


Ask for People to Contact You


Last but not least, add a contact form to your page and ask people to contact you about possibly doing a guest blog. You can exchange blog posts and publish posts by other bloggers on your site as a return. You can even create a special category on your site for guest posts from various sources.

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