How to Recognize a Good Quality Content Writer

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Any website is made up of three made components. The place that hosts the website, or its URL, the graphics and design that go into creating the pages of the site, and the content. Although aesthetics are important for a high quality website if you want to catch your customers’ eye and keep them interested in the information that you have to offer, nothing is more crucial than good content. Google has stated that if individuals provide quality content on their website, then the people who read their information will value them, leading to more link backs and sharing. In simple terms, if your audience likes what you’re saying, then they’re going to help you find an even larger audience. However, managing your own content can become a little overwhelming when you have an entire business to manage and run, so a lot of people turn to content writing professionals for help. However, it can be difficult to split the professionals, from the people who really aren’t worth the money.


Make sure your Writer Cares about what they’re doing




Perhaps the most important thing to make sure your content writing candidate has, is passion. In order to produce amazing work, your content writers need to truly enjoy what they’re doing, they should be inspired to produce fantastic content, and this will translate onto your website pages. When you’re trying to connect to an audience, there’s nothing worse than a writer who just gives you the bare minimum, or a selection of dry facts that have no voice or personality behind them. Make sure that you find a content writer who your audience will be able to connect with. After all, content marketing is about building the image of your brand and giving your audience a sense of personality that they can create a relationship with.


Make sure your Writer does their research


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The unfortunate truth is that when you hire a content writer, they may be pretty well educated, but they’re not going to know absolutely everything about absolutely every subject. Rather, your writers should be prepared to look for the information they don’t already have and provide you with informative and more importantly, accurate, content. Make sure that any content writer you consider hiring is willing to:


  • Check the facts they’re supplying you with
  • Look up information about the topic they’re writing on
  • Re-do any work that you don’t feel is up to scratch.


A writer shouldn’t be expected to know everything, but they should be expected to take the time and search for more knowledge on the things that they don’t know. You should never have to accept half-done articles or shifty statistics that may or may not be correct. If your content writers are giving you data to present as fact, then make sure those facts are solid, and reliable. After all, you don’t have the time to go around checking every piece of content to ensure that you’re giving out the right information.

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