Separating Fact from Myth with Online Marketing

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Online marketing is a tricky subject and what works can change within a matter of moments, leading a lot of clients to approach writers and marketing agencies with a simplistic or overly general idea of what they think will make them successful. Although it’s useful to have handy information online that individuals can access whenever they like, there are also times when writers will take advantage of the availability of the internet and simply provide content to fill up space, rather than offering content that they have taken the time to research. The first thing to remember is that not every tactic is going to work for every customer, but that doesn’t mean that customers should give up all together. Here are some of the most commonly believed myths in the world of online marketing.


Myth Number 1: SEO Isn’t Important Anymore




Although this concept has seen some popularity over the recent months, it’s important to remember that SEO marketing is just as important as ever, the tactics that work have simply changed somewhat. Once upon a time, agencies used to recommend that articles be completely overstuffed with keywords, but today Google has gotten smarter, and decided to focus on bringing quality content to the masses. Content writers have to write genuinely good information that incorporates relevant keywords from time to time would going over the top.


Myth Number 2: Online Marketing Doesn’t take a Lot of Effort




Some people think that they can simply get away with a one time investment into their online marketing strategies. Even if you decide to inject your website with thousands of dollars worth of quality design and content, you’re still not done. If you want to attract more traffic to your website and keep your users coming back for more, then you’ll need to implement various strategies, including email advertising, social media, content marketing and more. Expect to have to devote some of your efforts to patience, too.


Myth Number 3: Traffic is the Most Important thing




Getting tons of traffic to your website does seem like a pretty good thing, but it’s not always the most crucial aspect of online marketing. If you want to get really good business, then the traffic you attract needs to be relevant to your business. Optimize your website with high quality information and data, and make sure that your search engines are picking your website up for the right reasons. The more relevant your site is, the more of the right traffic you’re going to acquire. It’s no good driving thousands of people to your website if they only spend two seconds within the first page before immediately clicking the back button.


If the website traffic that you receive is not from the right audience, then you’re just going to get a higher bounce rate, which means that your business isn’t performing as it should be. Check your rate and see where it falls, if you’re currently between sixty and seventy percent, then it’s time to rethink your strategy.

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