Terms and Conditions

About The Website

This is a website presented to you under the name Contentoholic with the aim of providing quality information and articles. This website believes in helping clients with fruitful results and fulfilling their expectations at the level best. The website shall take all the efforts first in ensuring the quality of the service.

Using this log data we will understand your individual needs in browsing as well as customer needs. We will also be sending you other promotional e-mails and the e-mails specific to your queries.

Standard Format Of Order

The clients shall place their order in the prescribed format only by furnishing the simple details like the type of article, key word, number of its usage in the content, word count, delivery schedule and other basic matters. The delivery time shall be fixed according to the necessity, subject to the feasibility of the same depending on the position prevailing. An order of acceptance shall be sent to the client immediately on accepting the same stipulating the relevant terms of acceptance including the terms of payment.

The order accepted shall be executed within the time limit and the best writing talent shall be used in writing the matter.

This website has the right to cancel the order once accepted for any reason deemed fit without assigning the reason for the same, at any time during the execution of the order.

All orders shall be abide by these terms and regulations stated here in this website.

Fees for the services

The fees for the services ordered shall be fixed at the time of finalizing the same and it shall be indicated in the order of acceptance that shall be sent to the client on accepting the order.

Payment Terms And The Rights

The payment of the agreed amount should be received within the stipulated time in the acceptance of order sent to the client.

All the rights over the articles remain with the website until the payment for the same is fully received by the website.

Approval Of The Articles On Delivery

The approval of the articles submitted on their completion should be conveyed by the client immediately within 48 hours or the time mentioned while submission, whichever is earlier. In the absence of the communication within the mentioned time, it will be construed as approved.

In case of amendment or rewriting requirements for any genuine reason stated therein, the website shall take care of and shall see that they shall be delivered to satisfy the client.

In case of rejection in full, only in respect of the quality of the article in accordance with the details mentioned in the order form and accepted by the website, the client shall satisfy the website explaining the valid and acceptable genuine reasons for the rejection without which the rejection shall not be accepted.

No Guarantee To The Perfectness

The website shall not guarantee for the perfectness or accuracy of the contents of the articles. The absolute responsibility of reviewing the articles lies with the client on its submission.

Use Of Guest Posting

By using the guest postings in this website on accessing the same, it is construed that the clients have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this website and abide by the same and the clients are also responsible for compliance of the same.

The clients shall not alter or copy the materials of this website and shall not utilize them for commercial uses.

The clients shall not transfer the materials to any other person.

The clients shall be at their own risk in using the information or materials.

The clients shall be responsible for ascertaining the quality, suitability and other matters with regard to the products, services and information available from this website.

This website is not responsible for or not making any endorsement of the linked sites found in the guest postings and their contents.

Revision And Modifications

This website has the absolute right for revising or modifying these terms and conditions from time to time without any notice.

Legal Jurisdiction

All claims and disputes shall be governed under the jurisdiction of the laws of the country and Contentoholic holds all the right of copyright for the website.


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