Great quality articles and fast turnaround time… also the posts were well researched… I would use his service again for sure.

-Pankaj Kumar


I’ve hired content writers on BHW for years, but I have never really found one I would stick with for more orders, as quality was low and not consistent. But then Contentoholic popped up, and looked very promising. I’ve ordered 6 Web Content packages and the quality has been more than acceptable. The content had well researched material in the gaming development niche as well as web and social website creation; there were no errors, and a good fluid flow while reading them.
Will definitely order more content to my upcoming projects. These people truly understood my requirement and I didn’t have to edit a single word. Thanks mate



Ordered 8 and they were posted quickly on relevant sites. Very responsive the whole process. The 8 sites had hosting issues and he replaced them quickly.
If you want some to truly take care of your content then it has to be Contentoholic.



My Review
This is a very very cool service! The blogs look super Legit and they were super related to my keywords. Articles were written super good as well.
I really like the idea of this link pyramid. Still early to see results but I am sure I will see some jump.
I don’t ever buy link packages what so ever but If I were to buy more link packages I would def buy from vidhi again. For the price, quality and service I feel like I ripped him off.



Just got 5 articles back. Good quality writing and had them back within 48 hours, great service and will be using again. What better than getting a good quality in such a short time frame? Keep up the good work Contentoholic.



I have used a lot of guest posting services recently and I have to say that Vidhi is the go to guy if you want the job done right and on time.
Blogs – 5/5
Posts – 5/5
Results – 5/5
Speed – 5/5
Communication – 5/5
Cannot fault a single thing with this service. If you are looking for guest posts, get your order in.



Received Article,
Got within 24 hours – Speed is 5/5
No problems at all with grammar or spelling 5/5
Article was very well written, you can tell that it was written by an English speaking,
well educated individual. High quality work 5/5
A Job Very Well done



The number of people offering ‘guest posting’ services on WF is steadily increasing… but Contentoholic is one of the best providers of such services on this forum. I’ve been working with him for nearly 12 months and he’s never let me down. In addition to that, he is able to find fresh niche relevant blogs for guest posting on a regular basis… which is where many people fail when offering guest posting services.
Keep up the good work guys!!!


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