Tips on Writing an Effective Content

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When users visit your site, they have a certain picture in mind of the kind of contents they are looking for. In order to keep these users on your site – and returning – you need to provide them with effective and valuable articles and contents. Many site owners are often daunted by the thought of writing high quality contents, but the task is actually not so difficult to complete.


Help Users Remember Your Content




One of the first things you need to keep in mind when writing your site’s content is to help users keep the content in mind. Use pointers, H1 and subheadings as well as other web elements to make the article more memorable. You can also attach suitable pictures, diagrams and charts to simplify the information.


Make Your Content Scan-able




When users first visit your site, they don’t normally read the content right away. What users love to do is scan through the site – or the article – for information. To lower your bounce rate, the articles you post must be informational even when users only scan them.


You can use bold, italic and coloured text to help strengthen key information in the articles. Similar to helping users remember, you can also use lists and titles to achieve the same thing.


Make the Article Practical




The most popular type of contents on the internet is practical guides. By helping users complete a specific task, you are providing them with valuable information. Instead of writing a long article about a topic, keep the article short and information-packed.


Keep the Articles Relevant




There are two things you need to keep in mind when writing articles that are relevant: the main theme of your blog or website and the latest trends. You need to align the contents you are sharing with these two sides of the content writing coin.


Following the latest trends will help you gain more traffic as well. Paired with high quality content and good web design, you can actually retain more visitors and increase your site’s traffic gradually.


Write for Your Audience




This is probably one of the most important things to do when writing web contents: write for your audience. The kind of language, writing style and overall delivery you use must be in alignment with how your audience see and read articles. If you are writing for a serious audience, for instance, using slangs and informal delivery may not be suitable.


Watch Your Keyword Density





Search engines are moving away from keyword-packed articles and currently valuing good, well-written articles more. Instead of trying to pack as many keywords as possible to an article, write a short article that your users can actually read and benefit from. The SEO-side of your content marketing strategy will take care of itself.


Stay on Topic and Have a Point



When writing an article, stay on topic and produce a point at the end of it. The point – or a conclusion – will provide that satisfied feel to your users, making them return for more articles and spend more time on your site.

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