Tweak Your Online Marketing Strategies For Better Results When On A Tighter Budget

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Most startup businesses make the simple mistake of starting up marketing campaigns without a clear enough statement of work. This is especially true for online marketing campaigns. Often startups do not have the budget leeway to put together an elaborate online marketing plan. Often times they would compensate this by choosing some top of the line marketing strategies trending at that time and funneling their entire budget in to it. This is a massively wrong move.


Your internet marketing campaign should be tailor made to your niche, your website, and your expected industry returns. It should be decided according to your company’s priority and not follow market trends at random. Here is a succinct way of tweaking your online marketing strategies for a tighter budget without compromising on your marketing returns.




Local celebrity endorsement


The internet has now made it possible to create a steroidal influence of celebrity status. In fact, with social networks on the rise, there is now scope for a multitude of different local celebrities to come in the limelight. These might be everyday professionals who have a massive fan following and might be even coming in the news for unsung laurels. You can offer your products or services free trials to these local celebrities with just one condition – to provide an honest feedback at the end of a period of use. If you can tap in to independent bloggers or reviewers with access to websites with moderate traffic, this move can be a part of your extended web PR.


Start a networking hub on social media or independent forums


Networking hubs or social media groups allow you to get like-minded, progressive thinkers to get together with your brand. You can use LinkedIn groups or even Facebook groups for this purpose. However, make sure you are not hard selling your products or services in these forums. That can be a fast way to lose your audience. The groups should be informative, resourceful and conversation starters. All the while during the process of helping your target audience, you can also direct them towards your website for more information. The best part is this strategy is totally free of cost.




Niche blogs publication PR


Being published on niche blogs is the fastest way of gathering expertise levels within your niche. People want to hear more about the recent developments in the field when they visit these blogs. Making sure that your business is often talked about in these portals will automatically amplify your branding process. You can either buy sponsorship on these blogs or invite them for free trials of your products or services. You can also send in your press release and PR kit to these blogs on specific events or product launches.


Maximizing your YouTube channel’s branding output


YouTube is an amazing platform for startups and big brands alike. Now you can tap in to a platform with a potential of over 800 million unique visitors every month, and what is more, the platform is free. Creating marketing videos for YouTube can make it possible to grow your branding portfolio exponentially. However, keep in mind that just posting random videos might not be getting you the desired results. You need to put forward a clear message, which are editorial as well as a call out to action for your target audience. It is important to work on the SEO for every video, preferably with a keyword rich headline and transcript for the video.


EBook, Case studies and marketing deliverable for easy information access on the website


Building brand expertise is not a day’s job. You have to consistently provide information and resources to your clients to help them increase their rapport with your brand. Increased audience interactions will help increase the ROI and conversions on every single lead that you get through your website. Invest in creating powerful resources; provide industry specific eBooks, case studies, and marketing deliverable’s on a fixed frequency. This is the safest and fastest way to get your audience to start depending on your brand for the most congruent industry information.


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Reports and reassessment of the online strategies


While all the above-mentioned tweaks are sure shot way of generating organic traffic to your site and get your brand validated as an expert in the field, you still have to keep reassessing your strategy periodically. Google and every major search engine send out updates to their algorithms and often a strategy, which worked fine, might start showing problems. You might also keep a finger on the pulse of social media to tap in to new potential forums and hubs that are launched every day. Make sure a report of your existing online strategy is available to all key authorities within the company, so they can help you monitor the status of your website as impartial viewers.

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