What Drives SEO in 2017: Good Audience Insight and More

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Search engines are forced to change, due to the way online human behavior evolves. People tend to change their approach constantly in how they deal with online searches and the results they find, as well as in how they shop on the web.


Content quality is still the biggest expectations search engines have, in order to rank a website high. What makes good content though, apart from what we already know?



How to use SEO to rank high in 2017


Before making any modifications or additions to your website content, you need to have a strategy. Search engine optimization management is a relevant service in this case. Furthermore, companies need to have an audit performed, to gather vital data about their website and active campaigns. The data will also help direct their future strategy, in the way described below.


Understanding your audience


Audience insights represent the key to successful SEO. More than ever, you are required to identify the kind of people you are targeting, but not just based on demographics. You also need to identify their online behavior, habits and expectations. Armed with such information, you will know what kind of content will appeal to them.


Using several channels for advertizing


It’s essential to meet your prospective clients wherever they may be. Apart from the old-fashioned desktop computer, individuals can also be searching on their mobile devices, they may employ conventional search engines or look up on social media. This is why it’s important to market your ads on various channels, which boosts your chances to meet customers and to attract them.



Optimizing for humans, not just for search engines


Take your time to understand this concept. So far, we’ve been used to making all the necessary¬† tweaks to optimize content for search engines, often at a great expense. The content would thus be either unnatural or downright disappointing. All copy needs to be optimized for humans too. After all, they’re the ones reading and putting their hopes in it. They’re expecting information, solutions, entertainment, depending on the case. When reading it, they want to feel understood.


An integrated approach


A successful SEO strategy in 2017 merges the various means and tactics to strengthen a website, build a brand and communicate value:

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media etc.

You need to take care of the several aspects involved, like on-page and off-page optimization, the social aspect, the advertizing needs etc. At the same time, it’s imperative to make your website easy to browse on any browser and device.



Is link building still relevant today?


Link building used to be a standalone tactic and has remained relevant to this day. External links are still being measured by search engines. It’s their way to determine which content is relevant and important to the given topic or niche. Good links improve your reputation online.


Don’t waste any more time, start with a SEO audit to assess your current level and then implement a strategy focused on all areas of opportunity.

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