Your Ultimate Guide To A Penalty Proof Website

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SEO is an undeniable part of your website maintenance, regardless of whether you are just starting out or are already a part of a competitive niche. Your website needs to come up in page ranks for you to get maximum user attention. Surveys have proved that a huge percentage of visitors would not even look past the first couple of pages of a search engine list. This spells trouble for you if you have not put in a lot of work in developing your SEO and thus falling far behind on your search turf.


Some might argue that SEO is not the only marketing input that gives customer conversions. However, if you have a website, it is important to invest in as many techniques as you possibly can to lead targeted visitors to your site. Organic search results remain the biggest traffic leads amongst the many techniques that you can imply. What is even more important is that SEO can be an inclusive part of every technique that you use to get traffic to your sites. You can use keyword treatment for press releases and even guest posting on other blogs.


Yet the biggest problem that most companies have is that they cannot really keep up with the latest SEO trends. It is sometimes difficult to rely on SEO because search engines change their algorithms and some aspects that might have been working quite well might stop working for your website’s search ranks. However, it is quite simple to keep with SEO trends if you just have a simple strategy working for you. Here is an ultimate guide of tips to help you in this direction.




Creating a twitter stream for specific updates


Keeping a tab on all the latest updates on SEO might become overwhelming fast. However, you can use twitter to your advantage to keep yourself up to date on every passing fad and established trend in the niche. Just start valid twitter streams on specific subjects. Make sure that you streams are not based on generic topics such SEO or SMO. Rather, streams based on “Google recent SEO updates”, “Google Penguin”, Google Panda” and “Google Hummingbird” might yield much interesting updates.


Twitter can also be used to follow niche thought leaders for current updates and new tricks related to SEO. The fundamental thing about this strategy is that not only would you stay on trend about the latest in SEO but you will also pick up new tricks related to twitter updating and social media maintenance for new traffic.




Subscriptions to popular SEO blogs


Popular niche experts follow through on their expert tips on their blogs. Following such blogs will always keep you one-step ahead of the completion. However, do not be restricted to just SEO blogs, you should be subscribing to related niche blogs to expand your field of coverage. While reading your RSS feeds or email subscription of latest updates is important, it is also important to be interactive with the niche. Once you start interacting with your bloggers via comments or emails, you will also be on their radar. What is more blog commenting has also been known to be a huge traffic pusher for many blogs.


Periodical brushing up on your SEO current trends


While many tips in combination will help you in this field, however, you will be remiss if you do not do the most basic thing to keep up with current SEO trends in the field. You should take 15-20 minutes chalked in every week in your busy schedule to just take the time to brush up on what is currently new in the niche. This might also be an ideal time to take in short video posts or podcasts on the subject, so you can multitask while still brushing up on the current SEO trends.


Google Webmaster tool help


Google webmaster can be your go to tool for optimization but what people often neglect is that it can be just as effective for resources on SEO. It is Google’s own product so it is one of the most up to date resources for the search engine. You can also find out detailed information on the performance of your website. This can also help you track the performance of your SEO tactics. You can finalize which tactics you should invest more time in and which ones to scrap.




Join social media groups focused on SEO


You can be a part of common forums where people with similar queries to yours focus on providing solutions and discussions on the topic. You will be amazed to notice just how much you can learn from these discussions. Join a social media focused group on SEO – LinkedIn, FaceBook or even Tumblr can provide excellent platforms for this. You can also create such groups with the intention of bringing together like-minded individuals and experts to your aid.


Brushing up on mobile SEO


Mobile SEO has been gathering quite a lot of popularity in the recent years. Targeted customers are most likely to approach websites from a platform that is most accessible to them at all times. With the introduction of Smartphone and tablets, the trend has shifted towards mobile search. It is important that you customize your SEO trend gathering according to a mobile strategy to gain maximum benefits out of this.

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