Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in Only One Hour a Day

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Even a small business requires a lot of work. Could it be that simple, to ensure its digital marketing needs in just one hour a day? Experts and entrepreneurs alike say it’s possible, as long as you have an understanding of the tactics and you know what you are doing. The one-hour method is also a great exercise for effective time management.


The beginning


This is the hardest part and it’s all about learning to juggle with your tasks and finding that one hour that you can dedicate to digital marketing. It’s discipline you need to acquire first. Also, be prepared for a trial-and-error approach.



What to expect


As a small business, you will not have the budget of big companies, which can afford to invest thousands in their digital marketing strategy. The results are matching their investment. What you can expect at your level is to do some branding and to get your brand seen online. It’s these first steps that establish your business. If they’re done right, with consistency, customers eventually begin to show.


What to do


As a small business owner, you can cater to the basics of digital marketing. These are rather easy to do and it makes no sense to hire professionals when you can do it yourself. Keep the money for the bigger tasks which require an expert touch.


  • SEO

Optimize all your main pages; select the most relevant keywords to focus on and have them on every page. Thus, optimize the meta title, header tags, meta descriptions, URL as well as the body. Next focus on the blog and post frequently. If you already have posts, optimize these too.


  • Conversion Rate Optimization 

There is so much you can do here. Read one new tip every day. Design changes are part of this, too. Experiment with different colors and designs and see what changes in your traffic flow or conversion rate.


  • Social Media 

Your goal is to connect with prospects. Create accounts on all relevant social sites your customers may be and which you can manage (and, of course, are appropriate for your content). Make new posts daily, but also reply to messages/comments and expand your network.


  • Reviewing 

You need reviews – many and positive. Select some big review sites where you can post yours. You can email previous customers to ask them about the experience they had with your business. They might be willing to post a positive review.


  • Pay per click 

Install AdWords and learn about it. Sort the phrases you want to use (target). Always cycle ads and replace old, poor performing ones with new ads. Cycle the keywords too and stick to the most successful ones.


Email Marketing



We are mentioning this separately because you should never do it too often. Two times per week is about enough if you don’t want to annoy your subscribers. You may give this as much as 30 minutes. Focus on good content to send to your followers and pick an attractive template.


While you may not become an online marketing expert doing this, you’ll soon earn some skill and learn how to make changes for the better, to push your business forward bit by bit.

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