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How To Keep Your Content Flowing Even When You Are Stalled For Ideas

It actually happens to the best of the writers and bloggers- stalled content. Blogging whether for a personal experience or for business, requires a constant flow of content. You cannot have a thriving blog without delivering rich content consistently. Yet, it is human nature to get overwhelmed by too many distractions, procrastinate or plain stop having any new breakthrough ideas. This often leads to a stalled or sometimes a neglected blog. With this post, you can help break this situation and get your blog running again.


Remember, if you do not have anything to post on your blog, you are not engaging your audiences, and you are losing precious time to market your blog to greater heights. Content writing is a serious business and it requires just as much of a thorough strategy as a meticulous project.




Ideas on the go


It is a common perception that writing content requires a steady flow of ideas. While this is somewhat true, you do not suppose that content writers are forever teeming with ideas. That is just not a complete solution. Instead, they take the time to jot down ideas whenever they strike. This way there is a solid stash of ideas ready for you, even when you hit a writer’s block. The best solution is to keep a small pad and pen always with you. However, if you are the forgetful kind, you can always make do with you Smartphone or tabs with the never-ending list of great apps that are designed just for such situations. Some of the best solutions include Evernote, Carrot, and 2Do. However, there are hosts of other list building apps in the market and you have to find the one that suits your needs the best.


Content production – short bursts schedule


While ideation is critical, it all hinges on your schedule of content production. After all, without the content writing, your ideas will just remain unrealized and wasted. The first rule of consistent writing is to not let things pile up. If you have to do a lot of tasks right before your post is due, chances are you would get overwhelmed and put off the post all together. However, if you finish your production in a schedule of short periods, you will not get overwhelmed and right before the publishing, you will have fewer things left to tackle. Start by dividing the entire production to sub categories – research, writing, editing and publishing. These subcategories should be further sub divided depending on the complexity and the length of the post.


Remember do not create a short burst schedule for more than 15 minutes each period. This period should have tasks that can be comfortably completed within time and give yourself a 5-minute break after every few short burst.


Timing it right


Sometimes a strategy can fall flat purely because you timed your production wrong. Whereas if you strategize better you can give yourself double the time in the production lineup. The production does have to start at research and end at publishing but in between, you have many tasks that can be coordinated differently. You can tackle the photo edits and link building to your blog before starting to edit. This can give you ample amount of time to re-visit your content with fresh eyes. Again, with a content block, it is necessary that you do not leave the table completely. Finishing these related tasks while pondering over the topic, can sometimes help kick start your writing easily.


Habit for pre-blogging




Get in the habit of pre-blogging. This is a very recently discovered routine but all successful bloggers have tried this for a very long time. Pre-blogging is a culmination of all the small detailing on your CMS platform that might be necessary during each publishing. If you can finish the tagging, tentative keyword assigning and introduction to your new post on your blog, you will have a readymade idea to play with during your next content creation. This is especially lucrative for bloggers who tackle a news beat or have a higher frequency of publishing. Pre-blogging cuts your publishing time in half and helps you keep the content production continuous.


Keep on top of correspondence with readers and bloggers




The best ideas often strike when in conversation with like-minded people. In your case, it can be a part of your entire content production process. Reader engagement and interactions with niche bloggers is tantamount to a successful blog. However, you can further create an inbox label to jot down ideas during your email and chat correspondences with various readers. Your reader mails, twitter streams and social media accounts can also be your personal survey for future posts. These places are the best hubs to find out exactly what your readers want to read and you can build interesting write-ups around those subjects.

7 Things That You Must Do After You Have Written A Blog Post

It feels like some people found some value in our last post, How To Write The Perfect Blog Content. Well, quite a lot has changed on the web since March 2011, so guess it’s time for an update.




In my previous post, I have talked about social media and RSS connections so that your blog automatically gets posted on your profile. Auto-posting is a great idea and one of the greatest recommendations is to your LinkedIn profile. Here are few more things that you must try once you are done with your blog:


1.)  RSS to email:- This is one of the important syndication that you must try. Depending upon your management program and email marketing, you have the ability to set up the RSS-to-Email campaign for your blogs; setting up “Mailchimp” is an easy thing. Create your subscription list to make sure that you are not spamming, configure mobile-friendly template, and create a campaign to automatically launch your new blog. Do not forget to add a subscription form to continue adding subscribers to our list.




2.) Google currents:- This is the latest answer to current iPad app, Flipboard. It deals with media consumption on your mobile device and Google currents make it easy for you to create a digital magazine and syndicating it with you content feeds. Go to the Currents page, name the editing, plug the RSS feed, YouTube channel Google+ updates, YouTube Channel, Flickr stream along with the host of other accounts. Customize it well with color schemes and brand elements. This looks great on a tablet and that is the next generation, so prepare yourselfwell for it.


Social media that you should consider


3.) Twitter:- We assume you are already on Twitter and would want to take thus further but still would like to remind you of specific hashtags related to your topic of blog post. Creating a hashtag is a great way to reach out to your followers. A great deal of Twitterati follows and monitoring of hashtags that they wish to consider, your blogs containing it has more chances of being retweeted. Adding #cmi to a tweet is going to bring 100 more eyes that it would have been otherwise, because of the fact that mainly people are looking for Content Marketing Institute Twitter stream.


You are already aware for the most used hashtags of your industry, subject matter, products and services, but if you do not, look forward to and find the hashtags that you can make use of.


4.) Google+:- It is tough to deny how this social network from Google is doing wonders to the content shared on this platform. Amazing thing about this media is that there are no character limitations so you can add as much content for your status update which is not possible on Twitter. Create engaging, thoughtful, keyword optimized content teasers with backlinks to your website or blog.


5.) Pinterest: There is no need for me to add another article on “how to use Pinterest”. If you have original photo or graphic of your blog, do not forget to pin it for some extra attention.


Making the most out of social bookmarking


6.) Reddit and bookmarking:- As per the latest updates, social bookmarking seems to be declining but nothing seems to be fishy with Reddit. The latest story of Caine’s Arcade that raged the world was basically because of the reach and power of this reddit community.


However, you cannot expect any love all of a sudden just by showing up on Reddit. Find some established users for your network and ask them to promote/bookmark your blog. Kindly do not overstay your presence there, make sure your content better be good.


7.) Twitter tips:- Everyone is anxiously anticipating the release of this new service called Need Tagger, that checks your content and finds people on Twitter who are looking for content that that you can offer. Make use of the engagement panel to understand the incoming comments/tweets and meet the requirement if the users. In return, the users will click on the shared links inviting more quality traffic to your blog content. Need Tagger notices the shares and clicks that are generated on your link, that allows you to measure how well your messaging and content is doing on the social media.




Take a chance


First time is always the hardest. Creating new accounts and getting used to the functions and interface can make your brain pain. Study more about these platforms and make the most out of it to promote your website/blog post.

Top Highly Evolved Tools To Help You Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Process

Your core marketing process should be based on indispensable content. The internet is a massive organization with millions of different portals offering advice’s tips or tricks on a variety of subjects. To come up ahead of your competition, you should be able to understand the core rule of marketing and stick to it regardless of the time it takes for you to build on it. Only websites and blogs that impart crucial information to their target audiences survive in this cutthroat competition and trying to cut corners on this foundation might get you a dwindling traffic stream, which pretty soon will dry up.


Instead, embrace the new age content marketing process. Understand the different trends that work best with your brand of content but most importantly discover your unique tone that will set your content apart from the crowd. Fortunately, you can use the different emerging trends in content marketing as your inspiration. However, before that you should take a look at the following list of highly evolved resources that will help you effectively jump start your content creation and marketing strategy.


Discovering new content




You need to discover new trends in content marketing, but most importantly, it is important to discover new style, tone, and fresh content. These tools will help you with coming up with new ideas to curate improved content for your blog.


Quora – this social network platform has fast gained popularity and it is an excellent site to identify upcoming content trends. You can find many different topics broached in question and answer format.


Feedly – with Google reader having shut its gates Feedly has become the most popular source to curate RSS content feed at one place.


Twitter – This social network site still remains one of the best micro sites to hunt for new content discovery and idea generation.


Organizing content


These tools will help you organize all your content streams so you are on top of the industry news. These are also remarkable tools to help you curate amazing pieces of content for reproduction or rehashing on your site.


Pinterest – You can use the board site to organize all your content ideas and also place different content topics alongside to understand what sequence to publish it in. you can also curate resources to help design interesting infographics and design content from this site.


Evernote – It is a multi- use tool to help you remember every priority in your life. It is not just restricted to content organization but also all goals related to your website or blog can be tracked with this tool.


Google calendar – Probably the most easily accessible and popular organization tool in the web world, the Google calendar can be used to prepare a concise editorial calendar for your website and mange your content production.


Creating content




Google keyword tool – The correct pairings of keywords on your posts can help get you farther up the search engine pages. You can use the Google keyword tool for much more concise data on keyword optimization and content generation ideas through competitive analysis of each keyword on the global rank basis.


Embedded tweets – Embedding live tweets in your post will help make them much more interactive. The target audience can directly follow the author and continue the conversation on the twitter platform giving a huge potential for virality.


Issue – this is a new age content creation tool wherein you can create look books and online magazine style issues for your blog. They have both free and paid versions available.


Marketing and distribution of fine content


Finally, this category of tools will help you fine-tune your content distribution process. You can depend on these tools to distribute and market your content to get the maximum attention in your niche.




Syndication PR sites – These sites are incredible for funneling useful content and pre-event news on a massive platform. You can write SEO optimized press releases and then distribute on various successful channels such as SBWIRE, PRWEB or other syndication PR sites. Journalists, opt-in subscribers and millions of business owners around the world who are looking for the next new find of content patronize these sites.


Email autoresponders – Syndicating your website or blog with email autoresponders should be your first task for content distribution process. The most popular tools in this category are Aweber, Mailchimp and iContact. There are both paid and free versions to these auto responders to test your mettle before flying full strength with the tools.


Promoted posts on Facebook – This has started gaining so much popularity, that the promoted posts option on Facebook deserves special mention. Every company should have a FaceBook page and startups should definitely use the promoted posts feature to get viral attention on to their blogs. You can also use buffer or hootsuite to automate your social networking posts and their frequency throughout the day.



Making Use Of Content Marketing To Drive Commerce This Year

Content marketing is expanding. According to Content Marketing Institute/marketingProfs: North America, 93% of B2B marketers are making use of content marketing. Last year October, 60% respondents said that they decided to increase spreading of content over next twelve months. 72% have already increased the number than what they have been doing in the previous year.




With so much of competition, how is an ecommerce site supposed to show up this year?


Interactivity is what you need


Content marketing is not free from critics and most of them live under the fear of sudden changes in this industry. However, any smart marketer would recognize that these critics make some important points. Sticking to content is the key but if you are caught on content writing that doesn’t take you anywhere then you content marketing expedition in the year 2014 may not reward you well.


No matter if it is a big brand buying advertorials from Forbes or adding guest posts like crazy for getting benefits on the search engine, if you practice content marketing for a short term boost on exposure and traffic, you are surely missing on the bigger aspects. If you consider newspapers to be apt for marketing then you would be sad to know that this industry is shrinking. The real situation here is interactivity that leads to great triumph on the internet. Microsoft, Yahoo and bigger brands like Google make use of the search tools and email to keep the interaction alive. Twitter, Facebook and for say Wikipedia are doing well are popular because of interactive community that they have made.


Conclusion here is: You use content marketing to attract audiences, but if you cannot interacting well with them, you will never generate sales.


Content is actually the king


Content has always played a key role in the marketing strategy of any website. It is the core of any website and would be also an indication of the worthiness of the website. How you can keep your website ahead of all its usual competitors is an area in which you need master upon to succeed. The fundamentals to create a successful website are same but they are often overlooked. In spite of knowing the solution to get high audience view all of us tend to ignore the potential of the matters.





Get hold of your audience:


Use Email as a media to get to your target audience. Emails still have more conversion ratio than any other way of marketing. Emails are better converted into customers and audience than social media like Facebook or Twitter. Facebook and Twitter can also be used but they are used to convey small bit sized info. To get attention of your audience it is always recommended to use Emails.


  • Grab attention to your audience
  • Emails are still better than other media for advertising
  • Emails have better conversion ration than other forms


Expanding you influence with every post:


Reach out to maximum audience; this is quite a tricky thing one has to be very careful to disburse its website budget among different areas to get audience attention. But it can be divided like first getting attention from email and then keep on nurturing those leads with constant updates on regular intervals.


  • It is necessary to bring attention to more and more number of audience
  • In the same way the ways to reach to audience must be decided carefully
  • Use Emails to covey proper information and Social medias to convey bit sized information


Being Unique is Good in 2014


Completing these both steps would not just lead you to success. This is just the half battle won. You would need to prepare a rich content to hold your audience. The field of content is not that strongly built, thus there are many scopes to lead the field by bringing up the best content to your audience. You can do it by bringing what others do not have to offer. It is easy and yet it would be the most difficult step to be implemented.


  • Develop a rich and quality content
  • Create the best first impression
  • You may need to put your views in a better format to put best first impression always




Conclusion: It is to no surprize that content marketing has changed and continuing to do so. Only content won’t do, if you are looking for some active audiences, interaction is the key. You need your audiences to stick to you and not just attract them for once, constant communication is a must. Boost your exposure on the social media and be unique about everything you are doing. Unique content can make you a brand name and offers you the most valuable presence online.

Surviving Google Penguin Updates With Content Writing Service

Google Penguin & Panda


If you are looking for an ultimate guide to Google domination then content marketing is the key. Whether you are an online business owner, internet marketer, content marketer or a blogger like us, having an idea about what search engines have to offer is a must.


Everyone needs traffic and when it is there, it is the sweetest thing ever since the internet was designed. However, targeted traffic is a must. Every webmaster struggles to generate leads but eventually quits because of frustration. Does Google update scare you, so here are ways through which you can dominate the latest updates- we will show you how.


No matter where you stand on the Google search indexed, you can improve it.


Fact, that you cannot achieve it overnight, however with proven strategies, SEO can be as easy as simple market research. Follow some simple rules on the web and do not forget to follow your instinct for imminent success. This New Year comes with a new challenge. Placing the blog properly is important so that you can locate yourself with the right prospects.


Secret to actual keyword research


The first step for dominating Google updates is to research your keyword well. Sad, but not the way you have been doing it so far.  The unique step can improve your ranking and the basic foundation of everything. There are thousands of writers who create amazing content, adds videos and still wonder why no one is reading or watching them. All you need is to master this rare skill and you are ready to rock the web.




Target key phrases not keywords


It is obvious that SEO experts do not create content based on Keywords but they channel their expertise in a different way. Understanding keyword phrases making the whole ranking thing easier. Don’t use words that are quite commonly used like tips and online money making. Instead use long phrases for improve search engine ranking.


Geo specific keywords


Market is filled with competition and you wouldn’t want to do something what everyone else has been doing. Prospective customers are precise in their search. Competitors who have already made a strong hold in your similar services and products have a unique way of selling information. Kick start your google ranking by optimizing your content in the specified area. It is good to optimize the page by making use of Google map that will help your visitors to locate you depending upon your geographic location and you can serve the local market.


Making the most out of research tools


How do you find the right keywords? With so many suggestion keyword tools available in the look for the best ones. Type the primary key term and search. Go for a broad search so that the limited search doesn’t not affect your marketing plans.


Link building aka off page optimization


Do you understand the factors that regulates your page rank? This means, things that happens outside the blog affect it more than that happen inside it. This is the reason why we are not talking about optimizing it on-page. Use good content so that it attracts natural links. In all, the quality of your content, blog posts, articles and PR will encourage the people to like and share it. Look for contextual content and something that you get manually is the best.





Add value with natural links


One good thing about content writing and blogging is that you can easily air your thoughts. Create a strong reader engagement and offer then what they yearn to read. AVOID KEYWORD STUFFING. Trick Google with appropriate keywords sprinkles here and there. You need strategies that work well for Google as well as liked by your readers too. Keyword stuffing can backfire because Google Penguin doesn’t like it!!!