How to Overcome Content Writing Block and Write more

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Speak to any expert about what you need to become more successful online today, and the chances are that one of the first things you will hear is “more content”. Adding interesting and valuable content to your website can be incredibly difficult, as many people feel as though their service or product may not be interesting enough to gather enough readers. However, a bigger problem than this is coming up with fresh and engaging material on a regular basis. If you’re struggling to come up with enough ideas to improve your SEO marketing, then the following advice could be useful to you.


1.) Develop a Q&A or FAQ section


This is probably the best option available when you’re struggling for things to write about, as it gives you direct access to the things that your specific target audience is most interested in hearing about, or learning more about. There are plenty of customers or potential clients out there that will have questions to ask, and finding ways to answer those questions in a helpful and creative manner provides you with instant content.


Add a simple form into your website and give people the opportunity to send you their questions, then write a short post or article about each one. Another benefit of this is that your audience gets to see first-hand just how knowledgeable you are about your product, business or industry. As a result, they are far more likely to trust you with their money.


2.) Transcribe your Podcasts and Videos


Another way to develop new content for your website is to transcribe the podcasts and videos that you and your team have made in the past. You can then post these transcriptions within certain sections of your site as article, or even place them on the same pages as the podcasts and videos they are about. Even if you do mini training sessions internally, you could record those and have them transcribed too.


3.) Give your Business a Human Edge


One of the best things that you can do for your company is remind people that there are human beings working behind it. People are far more inclined to trust a person over a nameless, faceless corporation. Humanizing your business means talking about the various aspects involved in it. This could include:


  • Talking about the most embarrassing things to happen to your company
  • Talking about how you have overcome issues
  • Discussing your aims and concerns


On the other hand, you may sometimes find it useful to take about what’s actually going right in your industry, and how you feel that will impact the future of the world around you. Don’t be afraid to get passionate about what you’re doing, and let your audience have the occasional peek behind the curtain.


Remember it’s Going to be Hard Work




One important thing to remember about this process as you are searching for new ways to inspire yourself into further content is that it’s always going to be tough. Content writing is hard work and it requires a great deal of time, dedication and personal growth to get it right.

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