Social Media Vs Social Networks As Marketing Strategy

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Future oriented planning is a must have when you are planning to start up a business. Very few researchers make targeted goals. In such situations, two things that play in the mind are social media marketing and content marketing. While content marketing refers to the quality of briefing that you can provide for your products and services, social media just helps to gather more people and generate the prospective within them. Many times, social media is not limited to just the ‘known circle’ rather expands to unknown people who can be befriended and won over.


In the same perspective, one may also hear social media and social network at the same time. However both are completely different from each other and are the two faces of a single coin.




Social Media and Social Networks- What is their role in content marketing?


Social media plainly refers to creating strong quality content so that they can be read on and passed across different people. Social media just creates a tighter bond wherein the people interacting among each other, be it the owner or the public interact among each other. WordPress is one of the best social media used widely nowadays as here people can even leave comments and discuss on a topic as a forum and share reviews. The content even sometimes gets passed over to several other networks which increase its popularity.




Social network on the other hand is a form of social media. The term is also sometimes simplified to social media marketing which means promoting your stuffs on someone else’s website. Few best social media marketing websites are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. This type of media marketing is quite fast and gives you immediate results, sometimes within few hours.


When we already have so much of ballyhoo for social media marketing, it is sometimes a myth that only promoting your stuffs and ideas through social media will give the best possible results. The results are not up to the mark or are unexpected at times. Here is a description about how the social media marketing sometimes gets flopped.




A Case Study


For example, you have generated a website and you are trying to work hard on bringing traffic to your page. For that reason, you keep writing straight-out for long hours in a day. All you need is large number of hits on your link. The larger the numbers of page clicks are the more is the site’s eCPM (effective cost per mile). Suppose, initially your page gets 3,000 views in a single month which can even be increased by uploading the content in social media marketing portals such as Facebook or Twitter, which have several members in them who keep on hovering the mouse for long hours in ennui.


If you keep on continuing writing your content on different social networking sites, then it certainly can help you to gain more profits. On the flip side, it might also be quite irritating for many people. Ultimately, what you get is increased number of page hits. Suppose the page hits increase to 35,000 per month. Isn’t it really fascinating?


However when you look into the deeper aspects of things you may notice that while promoting you spent few extra minutes every other day. The total number of hours spent on promoting is directly proportional to the number of page hits you get. Now the irony is when you go on diving 35,000 page hits from the initial 3,000 and then divide it by the time you took for promoting, you might sense the losses.


On a conclusive note..


Initially it is super exciting to observe more traffic accumulating over your webpage, but gradually the cumulative hours you spend over internet for just promoting your content is not worth it. Sometimes the traffic generated doesn’t perform and it becomes a red ink for the time you actually spent on it and sometimes you don’t even get paid enough for the per hour work done.


Content marketing is the newest trendsetter which has helped a lot to win the prospects over. Through content media you just provide knowledge to people in their field of interest. This is also a part of social media, but much developed and fruitful. The benefits of content marketing are vast as these can be used for a combined action for posting, publishing, promoting and popularizing content, all in the same time.

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