Top 7 Reasons to Take Content Marketing Seriously in 2017

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New year, new you. How about a new approach to online sales, too? In 2017, it’s all about the targeted efforts to promote your business and gain customers.


You need to develop a content marketing strategy that works. This is why all big or competitive companies now have content creation managers and directors. This aspect is vital and it requires the converging powers of various professionals. Here are the top 7 reasons why you must invest in this as soon as possible if you’re promoting your business online:


1.) Content marketing is cost effective


Although it may seem expensive at first, content marketing is an umbrella concept that covers many crucial aspects. It boosts organic traffic but also engagement, so it gets you more committed visitors and customers. In the long run, it can increase your revenue exponentially.


2.) Customer loyalty is increased


Your site visitors want consistency and quality through and through. Once they see it, they return to your website. Through a sound marketing strategy, it is made to suit their queries and provide them with the information or solutions they’ve been seeking for.


3.) Content becomes shareable


When your brand has content that inspires people to share it, your business can become viral. It gets a visibility boost, which in turn gets you more customers. Shareable content is extremely effective and its benefits can spiral outward for spectacular results.



4.) Amplified ROI


Because content marketing touches and improves so many areas, any of these becomes powerful enough to boost the return. Thus, the money you’re spending on such strategy can come back as a much amplified return of investment.


5.) Reaching key demographics


A good strategy does not mean only increasing traffic. It’s about targeting the right demographics, based on criteria like age, gender, professional status, industry or geographic region. When your website shows high up in search results, it shows to the people who matter – the ones with the highest chance to become your customers.


6.) It’s better than ads


Traditional advertizing no longer earns people’s trust. A percentage as high as 90% of people looking for products and services are rather convinced by recommendations or by good content. This is why it’s essential to market your content (which must be helpful, informative and relevant) instead of investing in ad creation and other such types of customer persuasion.


7.) Satisfying the need for information


We are all looking for information on a constant basis. This is especially valid when searching for products or services. We want to see how these are able to help us. Through content marketing, businesses meet people’s desire for information. Firstly, your goal should be to inform individuals, then to educate or inspire. Selling comes later.


Your brand’s position benefits greatly from professional content marketing. Your website becomes useful and authentic to its niche. It’s the way to keep up with online audiences and their ever changing behaviors. Act now and you might actually be saving money on your marketing strategies.

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